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Pinays and Chinese and Malays, oh my! This week, we’re taking a little trip to AsianCamModels, which on the whole I liked more than AsianBabeCams, your other major choice for Asian chat girls. Frankly, I find it amazing how much variety there is just among Asian girls. Sure, there are the inevitable similarities, but you can usually tell a Filipina from girls who are Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Malay, or Polynesian. Whoever came up with the old “three race” ideology had it wrong: there are either dozens of races, or one great big one with a lot of variety. As a student of comparative female anatomy, I’d have to go with the latter. No matter where we’re from, every male’s key is designed for the same kind of lock, and that’s all there is to it.


Wax On, Wax Off

But so much for waxing philosophical. If you’re like me, you’re really here for warm brown flesh, with the occasional flash of pink if you can get it. Yeah, buddy! So let’s start off with AsianCamModels’ selection. It’s impressive; last I checked, there were 419 chat hosts active, 412 of which were girls or couples. Some of the hosts included more than one girl, so there were actually more than 412 girls to ogle. You get only a few minutes of free chat with a particular girl before the site asks you to sign up, but unlike with some sites, this isn’t difficult; nor is it used as a dodge to acquire your consumer information or credit card number. You give them your Yahoo! email address (which you keep just for this purpose, right?) along with your screen name and password, and you’re off and running. From that point, you get unlimited free chat without having to refresh a lot or go chat-host hopping. As ex-con Martha Stewart might say, that’s a good thing.

Worth It? Well…

I was a tad disappointed with the free teaser chat. It was free, all right, but there just wasn’t enough teasing. I like to see the occasional nipple (or at least a hand bra) and whatever else I can get away with, cheap bastard that I am. That’s unlikely to happen at AsianCamModels. It’s a good site, don’t get me wrong, but the only place you’ll see free nudity (and a lot of it) is on the intro thumbnails that you have to click to get onto each chat host. The ladies aren’t shy there. And being an Asian site, there were the inevitable transsexuals (17 of them when I was last on, for those of you who keep track). On their intro pics, they weren’t shy either; in fact, some were perfectly willing to prove that they had both female and male body parts. Excuse me while I scour my eyes with lye.

There weren’t any naughty bits displayed on any of the chat hosts I frequented during my recent adventures into the wilds of AsianCamModels, despite the various beaver shots in the intro thumbnails that had me humming “Welcome to the Jungle” as I went along. What they did have was begging. The girls are always after you to take them private. Not a minute goes by that they don’t ask. Now, most all chat sites work this way; the girl often asks you to go private, because that’s how they make the big bucks. But it never stops on AsianBabeCams and AsianCamModels. Why do these Asian sites have this problem? My theory on that is two-fold. First, they don’t charge enough in the first place. Okay, hear me out on this. Most of the girls I visited weren’t charging much of a per-minute rate for private shows: the highest I saw was $1.49, and even multiple girls often charged less. Obviously they aren’t making enough money, so they need to be in private shows most of the time. Second, there was rarely anyone but me chatting up the girl on the other end of the camera. In my experience, that’s very odd; on most sites, even the really big ones like CamContacts and ifriends, there are at least half-a-dozen suitors for each lady. My guess is that the management just doesn’t advertise enough, which is stupid.

The Technical Details, As It Were

The technical performance of the site was the aspect I liked least about my AsianCamModels experience. During previous visits, access seemed to work just fine, but this last time it was like running through molasses. The connections were very slow, and half the time they crapped out. This made me a Sad Panda (to steal a turn from South Park). AsianCamModels used to be better than Asianbabecams in this respect, but now they’re worse. Oy.

Money-wise, AsianCamModels is almost cheap enough to make me break out my credit card. They make it easy to join, their free membership really is free (i.e., without any of that “age verification” crap), and the per minute rates for the girls are a real bargain, frankly. And if I think that, you know it must be so. That doesn’t mean that I played around in private with any of the models; believe me, I’d tell you if I did. I was just turned off by the begging, so I made myself scarce after while. I did spend some time eying the pictures that come with each girl’s bio; some of them are pretty hot.

And In Conclusion…

I like ACM, because there are a lot of pretty, scantily clad girls there, and Chris can’t say no to exposed female flesh. It’s not an unqualified success, however, in my book. It’s surely not going to knock Flirt4Free out of my First Place slot. Go to AsianCamModels for the free membership and ogle all the pictures, thumbnail or otherwise, but if you get tired of the hard sell, don’t tell me I didn’t warn ya.

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