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LiveJasmin girlIf I were limited to just one word for this review, it would have to be: dayum! Fortunately, I have the liberty to expound upon that, so I’ll start out by saying that your humble host was most impressed with LiveJasmin. It’s a helluva site all around for those of us who love free teaser chat. There might be better out there, but I ain’t found it yet.

The Straight Skinny

By now you’re probably saying, “Gee whiz, Chris, tell us more!” and of course I’ll gladly do so. Although LiveJasmin is, like most camgirl sites, oriented toward members and spenders, there’s enough free chat to gladden the cockles of anyone’s heart (or at least the heart of anyone’s cockles). One of the best features is the big selection. As with all the best sites, there are performers from all over (especially Eastern Europe and the Philippines, natch) as well as multiple categories to choose from. Unsurprisingly — and to the relief of my particular set of cockles — “Girls” was the biggest category, with 610 performers. More than 260 of them were live during my most recent visit. That category is further divided into Free and Members Only, both of which include subcategories for 18-22, Blonde, Small Tits, White, Latina, Asian, and Ebony.


To steal a phrase from the Staples office supply store chain, “That was easy!” You can easily feed your fantasies, down to skin color, age, hair color, or ethnicity — all it takes is a few clicks. No more hunting through dozens of girls until you find exactly the ones you want. The girls at LiveJasmin tend to be pretty tame, but if you like free action, rest assured that you do get some nipple slips and hand bras, and who knows? If you ask sweetly, you might get more! Never hurts, right?

If free teaser chat with Girls doesn’t turn your crank, there are 11 other categories to chose from, though none are quite as heavily populated. You can visit with Lesbians, Mature ladies (including Mommies and Grannies, yes yes), Fetish Females, Couples, Threesomes, and Groups to help you get your crank turned. Now, if you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know that I prefer to chat with the ladies. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that there are also Boys, Gays, Transvestites, Shemales, and even Hermaphrodites to enjoy free teaser chat with, though you’re not going to see what all the fuss is about with that last category unless you pay for private. How do I know this? Well, um…

Anyway! LiveJasmin claims a total of over 33,000 registered performers, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for if you look closely enough.

Nitpicky Gripes

OK, not to be a whiner here, but there are a few things about LiveJasmin that I’m not entirely happy with. My biggest gripe — and yes, it’s pretty minimal — is that your free teaser chat is quite short, only about five minutes at best. On the other hand, you do get both free chat and free video for a while, which makes it better than some sites, like SecretFriends, where all you get is the video. If you run out of time, you can always go back and find the girl and go for a second round.

Which brings me to my second gripe, which is more in the nature of a forlorn whine. Given that the site has many, many girls and great free teaser chat and video, it is bizzay, with numerous chatters in each girl’s chatroom. Some of them are big jerks, which I find personally annoying, but what’s really annoying is that about eight times out of ten, someone pulls the damn “Let’s go pvt” thing before you’re finished looking, and boom! she’s gone. Check this girl, for example, who goes by the fetching name of Slut4urWish. I could get lost in those eyes.


But nope, sorry, someone wants to go private, and one second later it’s:


If you can’t read that, it says: “Performer is currently on private.” I hardly knew ye, S4UW! OK, so the poor girl’s gotta make the money, and can’t just sit there letting us slobbering guys have freebies all night. But a guy can dream.

The Technical Stuff

Remember when I said LiveJasmine was a helluva site all around? That extends to the technical details as well. Unlike some sites that will soon be reviewed here (are you listening, Amsterdamlivexxx and AsianBabeCam?), LiveJasmin is not a resources hog. It’s easy to navigate around the site without having to wait forever for the site to catch up. Even better, the video is of high quality. It seems to vary from girl to girl, but I saw both broadband, fast-frame style video and slightly jerky lower quality video. It was all clear as a bell, though.

If you absolutely must pay for video chat at LiveJasmin — and who can blame you, with girls like little S4UW — it’s not all that expensive. Most of the performers will go private for $1.49 to $1.99 per minute, which is pretty fair, I suppose, if you absolutely must pay. Pre-recorded video, of which there is an abundance, is 99 cents per minute. You can purchase credits by credit card in increments of $9.99, $19.99, $39.99, $69.99, or $99.99 — pretty standard.

The Verdict

I really like LiveJasmin, and I think you will too. It’s easy and fun to use, and there are always plenty of girls available. I’m going to have to give a full five out of five stars — but let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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  1. Jessica Says:

    I liked your review and do agree about the private chat problem. Though after asking a few girls about it, they actually have no control if someone sends THEM a private invite..yes they can deny or kick them out, but they can’t continue talking in free chat nor can they go back to who they were talking to. Also, they are given no notice before private begins, it just starts immediately. I like knowing they aren’t just ditching me in the middle of a conversation. :)

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