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Girls at spread4uIt’s not the Holy Grail of camgirl sites, but for those of us who relish free teaser chat, spread4u is much more entertaining than many of the alternatives. I’m thinking here of such poseurs as the misleadingly-named AmsterdamliveXXX (which is not in Amsterdam and rarely XXX), or the infamous 247live (which should be called “247lie” because there’s rarely anyone on worth talking to, and because most of them won’t talk to you anyway unless you’re a member).

But I’m not bitter, because we do have refreshing sites like spread4u to turn to. Spread4u has to be one of the most honestly-named sites out there: no hemming or hawing about what they offer, you see. No beating around the bush…no, wait, they actually do that, if you know what I mean (and I think you do, har har). Yep, they really will spread for you, especially if you offer them a little coin, and I like that in a chat girl. I don’t go to a chat site to talk about the existential angst of living in the 21st Century, or to see someone who looks like she’s watching her Pet Rock being tortured. I go to chat up saucy girlies and see naughty bits, which you can actually do on spread4u. Lord Almighty, what’s the Web coming to?


Shiny-good things

Of course, I have to make do with more free chatting and less spreading, since I’m a cheap bastard. After all, what does it say at the tippy-top of the page? “Free Teaser Chat.” Nothing’s better than free, baby. That’s what I tell the chat girls, anyway, even if most of them ain’t buying.

In any case, spread4u provides a pretty good setup for feeding my free teaser chat addiction. Every time I’ve visited, I’ve counted no less than 100 girls online and available (take that, 247lie!). There’s a nice mix of ethnicities and races, including lots of Asian ladies (particularly Pinays from the Philippines), plenty of Caucasian performers (especially Russians and Eastern Europeans) and a smattering of ebony beauties, with their soft chocolate skin and dreamy eyes. You know what I’m talking about. That kind of thing is what testosterone if made for, oh yes indeed. There’s also the occasional rousing couple, generally male-female, so keep an eye out if that’s the kind of thing that struts your stuff. I saw only a couple of girl-girl setups, including one called XHornySistersX. I don’t think they’re really sisters, but I admit that the possibility is intriguing.

One killer feature that spread4u offers is a drop-down menu that lets you segregate performers by age, body type, ethnicity, hair color, languages spoken, or fetishes broken. They even have a category for girls who identify themselves as Native American, which is far too rare. I’m not talking just two or three girls, either, but more like 34. The reason I say “girls who identify themselves as Native American” is that some of these ladies are as about as blonde as you can get. I won’t deny that Miss Clairol might be involved, but I like my Injun girls to look like Injuns. BTW, have I ever mentioned my fascination with Native American girls? I think maybe I have, once or twice. In my opinion, there’s not enough Indian porn around, especially since Hyapatia Lee left the field in the 1990s. I mean to change that with this film idea I’ve been shopping around, see, if I ever get the funding. It’s called “Totem Pole,” and what happens is…

Back on Track

Well, doubtless you get the idea. Back to spread4u. Another excellent thing about the site is that you can chat for free for about fifteen minutes before they cut you off and hit you with the old “Your Free Preview is Over” deal. Now, that’s long enough for some of us to get done what needs getting done, hur-hur, but you can do even better if you sign up for a free membership. Of course, they want you to give them all your real-life info like your name and address, but you can fake that. All they really need is a valid email address, so they can send you your validation link. Surely a connoisseur of free teaser chat sites like yourself has at least one free Hotmail or Yahoo account that you can direct them too. Just be sure you look in the bulk mail folder (which is probably where their response will go), click the validation link for your membership, and no worries about spamness thereafter. Of course, if you want to actually see the naughty bits on a regular basis, you’re going to have to break down and add private chat time to your account. You can do that using the CCBill system, which takes most major credit cards and lets you pump in $10, $25, $50, or $100 at a time. Trés simple.

Minor Downers

While I like the fact that spread4u tries real hard, this wouldn’t be a decent review if I didn’t tell you what I didn’t like about it. Besides the annoyance of them trying to get your real identity, which you can get around, the video quality isn’t so hot. The lighting’s usually bad, and it varies from being too dark to too washed out according to the chat host. But, you know, that’s about the only thing I have to gripe about.

My Final Answer

On the scale of OMGWTF! to Incredible, I’d have to rate spread4u as Pretty Good. It’s not the best at what it does, but it’s not 247lie, either. For those of us who like free teaser chat, it rates up there with sites like Streamate and Peekshows, though not as highly as Flirt4Free or even Secretfriends (yes, I know I’m obsessed). That’s not so bad, though — we can’t all be the best. That just gives ‘em the incentive to try harder, right? Right!

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